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| “Secret Wine Paradise” – Forbes Travel
Renowned Mexico Eco-Retreat Announces Catering and Events Department Under Exclusive Partnership

“Secret Wine Paradise” – Forbes Travel

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Traveling to Mexico for many people means booking a flight to Los Cabos or Todos Santos. But the most intriguing and stunning destination in Mexico right now is the Valle de Guadalupe wine country in Baja California Norte.

On our first trip there nearly 20 years ago, there were just a handful of wineries, no hotels and only a couple of places to find food. But have things ever changed: the Valle de Guadalupe now has more than 60 wineries working with French and Mediterranean varietals, a handful of eco-chic boutique hotels and an abundance of restaurants that take finca a mesa (farm-to-table) cooking to a level that few places in the world can match.

From San Diego, driving down to Ensenada and then east into the Valle takes a little more than two hours. The discouraging part of the trek used to be the border wait on the return trip. But as of two weeks ago, all the gates at the San Ysidro crossing were open, almost assuring that you get through in under an hour. Once you get through — don’t forget your passport for getting back into the U.S. — here’s where you’ll want to go:


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